60L CPB Milk Can Boiler

60L CPB Milk Can Boiler

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110L CPB Milk Can Boiler

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110 Litre Milk Can Boiler 

We finally have our newly designed and purpose built boilers with 4" Tri Clover ferrel on the lid to mount our still columns or others onto the boiler.  This boiler comes with 4 X 2" Tri Clover Ferrals welded to the boiler enabling 3 elements to be installed.  You can really juice this puppy up.

Constructed from 1.2mm thick 304SS our new boilers are built to last the test of time and handle lots of weight on the top.  Welded to the body of the 110L boiler is 3 X 2" Tri Clover ferrals to attach your choice of our 2200w, 2400w or 3600w elements.  At the bottom of the boiler is our very popular QuickSeal 3 piece 304SS ball valve set which forms your wash or boiler content dump valve.  Near the top of the boiler we also have another welded 2" Tri Clover ferral which forms a fill port for the boiler.

What You Get:

  • 1 X 110L Milk Can Boiler
  • 1 X 1/2" 304SS QuickSeal Ballvalve set for dump valve.
  • 1 X 4" Tri Clover Clamp
  • 1 X 4" Tri Clover Beaded Seal
  • 1 X 4" Welded Tri Clover Ferral on the top of the boiler
  • 4 X Welded 2" Tri Clover Ferral
  • 4 X 2" Tri Clover Clamps
  • 4 X 2" Tri Clover Dust Caps.
  • 4 X 2" Tri Clover Beaded Seals
  • 73cm Height
  • 50cm Diameter


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