FastFerment - Dial Thermometer

FastFerment - Dial Thermometer

Ss Brewtech Extension Legs for Chronicals 14g & 1/2 BBL

Ss Brewtech Extension Legs for Chronicals 14g & 1/2 BBL

1BBL, 155L 304 Stainless Steel Brew Master Conical Fermenter

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1BBL, 155L 304 Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter

Ss Brewing Technologies fully featured 155 Litre conical fermenter is made with only the finest brewers 304 stainless steel.   

Advantages of Conical fermenters is the ability of the brewer to remove and harvest yeast.  At any point the brewer wishes they can harvest, giving you an improved ability to reuse yeast in further brews, and age beer without contact from the yeast cake or the spent yeast, trub and break material thus improving beer quality.  Additionally, a conical bottom means you have a reduced surface area of wort/beer in contact with the spent yeast, trub and break material - again improving beer quality.

This Conical is 304 stainless steel which is more sanitary to ferment in as it is less-porous material allowing for less aroma and flavour residue to impart unwanted characters upon your beer, but the most important aspect is that bacteria or unwanted nasties can not hide.  Additionally, the stainless steel construction makes cleaning a breeze as well being a better conductor of temperature, improving the thermal mass of your fermenter and giving you more stable temperatures thus improving ability to maintain constant fermentation temp and crash chill.

What you get:

  • 41g/155L & 2.4g/9L headspace in lid
  • Certified food grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Custom Ss squeeze trigger butterfly valves
  • 3" TC port on lid/ top for dry hopping/CIP
  • Includes 3" TC clamp, gasket, 3" TC cap
  • 3" cap on lid includes: hole for airlock / blow off
  • Optional Stainless Steel blow-off cane (shown)
  • Optional 3" TC CIP attachment
  • Standard sampling valve included with unit
  • 304 Ss chiller coil weldlessly mounts inside unit!
  • Chiller coil is included standard in the kit !
  • Neoprene insulation jacket standard in kit!
  • Allows you to retain domed lid for transfers
  • 1.5" TC flanges on racking/ dump ports
  • Rotatable TC racking arm included
  • Comes w/ weldless thermowell
  • Includes LCD temp gauge 
  • Sanitary welds and beautiful polish finish!
  • Brewer's grade silicone gaskets
  • Electrically etched (not painted) volume markings
  • Volume markings in both gals / liters
  • Built-in slotted stainless shelf (bottom of legs)
  • Shelf good for storage, blow-off vessel, etc
  • Threaded inserts on leg bottoms (3/8")
  • Optional / available casters
  • Product dimensions (feet to top lid): 48"H x22"W
  • Box dimensions: 47"H x 26" W (box is shorter than product because lid ships upside down nested into top of fermenter body)
Optional extra's:
  •  Optional LCD temp gauge available


  • 94cm (H) x 46cm (W) product dimensions

Additional info:

In order to clean, passivate and sterilise your fermenter - and keep it in the best shape possible, we recommend using 5 Star PBW as a cleaning agent and 5 Star Star San as a passivating and sterilising agent.

You will need 500ml of Star San to initially passivate your Chronical 64 fermenter.



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