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Blichmann Therminator Wort Chiller

3/8" Blichmann ThruMometer

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3/8 Blichmann ThruMometer: Both Celcius and Farenheit display on one unit. 

Accurate to within 1 degree and 3/8" model.

Blichmann 1/2" thruMometer for sale to home brew and commercial brewers Australia wide.  Use when recirculating back into a Mash Tun or when chilling wort from your boiler brew kettle using a wort chiller.

Whenever wort gets too cold, you wind up with long lag times and increased opportunities for bacteria to infect your beer. Whenever it gets too hot, off-flavors can form. Blichmann Engineering lets you get it just right, with the ThruMomete.

It allows you to adjust the wort and / or water flow rates in your counterflow heat exchanger to dial in the exact wort temperature your specific yeast culture requires, with no more guesswork!

Whlie traditional in-line thermometers are made from a complicated assembly of pipe fittings with numerous places for bacteria to build up, the ThruMometer' entire interior is mirror-smooth, offering bacteria nowhere to hide. Plus, its non-serrated barbs are much easier to clean and remove — thus neither harboring bacteria nor damaging hoses. Press-fit ends are machined to 0.005" precision and finely finished to allow a 3/8" ID hose to snugly and securely fit over the barb.

The ThruMometer is also far more usable than competitors' digital or bi-metal thermometers, with an extremely fast-responding, highly conductive aluminum body and liquid crystal thermometer (up to 1°F per second), incredible accuracy (0.5°F), and the ability to dial in your desired temperature to within 1°F!

Unlike its competition, the ThruMometer never needs calibration and is built for a lifetime of use, with heat-treated, highly corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Ultimately, your ability to dial in the exact flow you need limits water usage only to what you need for getting the job done, which is good for the environment and your wallet!

  • Easy to sanitize.
  • Accurate and fast.
  • Never needs calibration.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Press-fit hose barbs.
  • Saves water.
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