35L Fermentasaurus:

35L Fermentasaurus:

35L Fermentasaurus Pressure Kit

35L Fermentasaurus Pressure Kit

35L Fermentasaurus with Pressure Lid Kit:

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Fermentasaurus 35L
The Fermentasaurus is the world’s first conical PET fermenter that is pressurisable up to 2 Bar working pressure.  This new model of fermenter has only been possible to manufacture using a highly specialized PET grade and a new type of PET injection/blow moulding machine that has been commissioned in Springvale, Victoria, Australia.  This Australian made product will change the way home brew is made and greatly simplify the home brewing process.

Harvest Yest
The Fermentasaurus comes with a yeast 500ml harvesting container that is also pressure rated.  The yeast harvesting container is ideal so you can save your yeast from one brew and pitch it into the next brew.

For customers that want to pressurise the Fermentasaurus a special pressure lid is supplied that includes a pressure relief valve and stainless ball lock posts (These are the same posts that are often seen on home brewing kegs).  This special pressurisable lid is also supplied with a silicon dip tube with float (As shown below).  The floating dip tube is a design that when the product is drawn out of the Fermentasaurus it is always drawn from the top where the beer is most clear.  This greatly improves the speed at which you can drink clear beer directly from the fermenter.



Fermenter Body: High Molecular Length PET
Dump Valve: Glass reinforced nylon with stainless gate and stainless bolts
Frame: 304 Stainless Frame
Pressure Rated Lid: 304 Stainless Steel Ball Lock Posts, Glass Reinforced Nylon,  2.4 bar (35psi) pressure relief valve
Non-Pressure Rated Lid: Glass Reinforced Nylon
Lid Seal: Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
Working Pressure: 2.4Bar (35psi)
Burst Pressure: above 7Bar
Test Pressure: 5Bar

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