70L NANO BIABasket: Base-Model (with burner)

70L NANO BIABasket: Base-Model (with burner)

125L NANO BIABasket: Base-Model (with burner)

125L NANO BIABasket: Base-Model (with burner)

1 - 36L NANO BIABasket: Base-Model

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36L Base-Model - Includes MKII Temperature Controller

NANO BIABasket is designed to create the most flexible single vessel system in the market today. With a NANO BIABasket you have full control to keep this system as a standard model NANO BIABasket PLUS the ability to make upgrades overtime to create ultimate flexibility in your brewing.

All Grain Brewing Extract Brewing, Kombucha, Tonics are all possible with the NANO BIABasket!



NANO Brewery 304SS Brew Bakset: The 300 Micron 304SS Mesh Brew Baskets is constructed of 304SS 300 micron mesh, 304SS thick wired hooks and is perfect for extract brewing, all grain brewing, Kombucha, Tonics and a host of other brewing and cooking applications.

The 304SS Brew Basket sits 65mm from the base of the supplied NANO Brewery 304SS vessel to allow the supplied element to be placed under the basket.  The Brew Basket also has three 304SS drop down hooks that enable the basket to hook onto the rim of the NANO vessel.  Hooking to the rim of the vessel brings the base of Mesh Basket 70mm from the top of the vessel, enabling the basket to be drained of any residual liquid without the need to hold the Basket whilst it drains, perfect for the sparging process in all grain brewing.

NANO Brewery 304SS Tri Clover Kettle: The NANO vessel supplied is constructed from 1.0mm thick 304 stainless steel and has a triple based bottom. The vessel has 5L incremental internally etched litre volume markings, strong 304SS handles with silicon grips.  Welded on the side of this vessel is a 2" Tri-clamp ferrul to easily secure and remove the supplied element.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The flexibility to upgrade components of the NANO BIABasket & simply replace common fittings is what sets this system apart from other single vessel systems in the market. The Multi-Purpose components is also a major advantage point which creates maximum flexibility.


  • Flexible Heat & Cool Temperature Controller that can also be used on your fermentation fridge.
  • Flexible 304SS Basket design. Basket can handle fine malt such as rice malts for celiac beer production & enables production of kombuchas, tonics and other beverages such as cold steeped coffee.
  • Flexible optional pump addition. Any pump can be used within the NANO BIABasket. Standard Pump, Pro-Pump, Blichmann RipTide Pump
  • Flexible Optional Modifications – ShowerHead Recirculation Kit, Pro-Domed Recirculation Kit, Ball Valve Sight Glass, Pro-Pump Kit PLUS the ability to simply convert your NANO BIABasket into a 2V or 3V NANO Brewery!
  • Solid 304SS parts that are 100% sanitary.
  • Simple to purchase replacement parts as they are available at most brew stores or SS part suppliers.
  • LPG Burners can be used on the NANO BIABasket to dramatically cut down brewing times due to much faster heating rates. Without doubt NANO BIABasket systems are the fastest on the market due to this flexibility to apply an LPG burner to an already existing electric heating system.
  • 2200W Tri Clover element comes standard with the NANO BIABasket. Bigger elements are available at CPB if required.  Please seek advice from Cheeky Peak Brewery if you wish to apply a larger element.
  • Dedicated support and assistance available from professional brewer staff at Cheeky Peak Brewery.



  • 1 X 36L NANO Brewery 304SS Tri Clover Triple Base Vessel
  • 1 X 300 Micron 304SS Mesh Basket with 70mm 304SS Drop Down Hooks
  • 1 X 304SS 100mm Thermowell
  • 1 X MKII Heat & Cool Temperature Controller (Can be used on fermentation fridge)
  • 1 X 304SS QuickSeal 3 Piece Ball Valve Set
  • 2 X 304SS Kettle Plug Set
  • 1 X 2200w 2" Tri-clamp Element Set

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