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546mm Grain Stopper False Bottom

546mm Grain Stopper False Bottom

596mm Grain Stopper False Bottom

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596MM Grain Stopper False Bottom

This False bottom is made from 304SS to suit our brand new NANO Brewery 304SS range 165L and 225L brew pots.  The False Bottom is 596mm in diameter to cover the entire floor of the above listed pots and 65mm in height so you draw wort from underneath the False Bottom. 

The Grain Stopper has 2mm perforations, and each perforation is 2mm apart.  What makes this False Bottom extra special is that the entire outer leg ring is perforated exactly the same, so if grain slips through the top, the outer ring will stop it going into your pump.  As an extra feature we have added a second gate, 90 degree from pick up, allowing an element to be inserted under the False Bottom floor.  The inner ring is to provide extra support to handle the grain weight, so this False Bottom is never caving in.


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