Mangrove Jacks Kits

Another top brand of malt extract beer kits.  Mangroves jacks range of products have been tested by us and we have recieved great feedback from our customers.  Mangroves Jacks brands are not as popular as some others but if you tried them you will not be disappointing.  Mangroves jacks beer kits, like all others, can be used in combination with other ingredients to produce a range of great beers, but in our opinion these kits are also really good and customers who get them do like them.  

Hand crafting your own beer from Mangroves Jacks range of kits has it's rewards and Cheeky Peak Brewery is here to support that and back any Mangroves Jacks branded products purchased with advice and know how on turning your purchase into the beer it is designed to be or manipulating it to form a beer you want it to be and we are able to this through our years of brewing experience.  

At Cheeky Peak Brewery, not only do we offer these kits we also back it with knowledge and advice on how to use them.  Before we become Cheeky Peak Brewery and progressed to all grain craft beer we where a Malt Extract brewery for the first 4 years of our operations so we have hundreds of our own recipes (150) and have made hundreds of Malt Extract beers, so please ask for a recipe. A number of retailer just sell the stuff and you ask them what to do with it and they might as well say, just go up to the counter and pay for it.  Not Cheeky Peak, you buy it from us and we will answer any questions to make sure you know what your doing with it.  At Cheeky Peak we will work with you to improve you beer and help you grow as a brewer.

Please remember if you do not like the beer you are making and are thinking of throwing away your Fermenter then please call us and we will help put you back on track and keep you brewing as it is one of the best hobbies ever.

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