Drip Trays

At Cheeky Peak Brewery we offer a host of Drip Trays to stop that unwanted spillage from hitting the ground or reaching places you just do not want it to go.  Cheeky Peak Brewery have wall mounted Drip Trays, fridge mounted Drip Trays, custom Kegerator Drip Trays, bar Drip Trays and custom bar Drip Trays, dispensing tailor Drip Trays, basically any Drip Tray you want or plain to want for any application.  

If you require a custom Drip Tray from Cheeky Peak then please contact us and we will arrange it to made for you.  At Cheeky Peak we have access to many stainless steel fabricators so we can organise a Drip Tray to suit your needs and help you set up your home or commercial bar. 

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