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Classic Bouncer Filter

Bottling and Capping Pack - Sale

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Bottle Filler Gun Complete Kit

This bottle filling gun enables the user to purge the bottle with co2 and then fill the bottle with your brew.  The gun has two triggers, one for co2 and one for liquid.  This gun is the perfect bottle filler and prevents oxidisation of your brew and therefor helps with the preservation of your brew.

Comes with:

  • Stainless bottle Filler Gun
  • Bottle Filler Gun Silicon Tip
  • Gas inlet fitting to enable gas line to be attached to the Bottle filler Gun
  • 2 x 2 Meters tubing for Gas and Liquid. The bottle gun needs tubing for the CO2 trigger to get a gas feed.  The Gun also requires tubing for the beer trigger to get the beer feed. 
  • 3 X hose crimps. One to attach tubing to the supplied ball lock disconnect for liquid in. Another to attach gas line to supplied gas barb and the 3rd one to attach gas line to the CO2 regulator outlet.
  • 1 X Liquid Ball lock disconnects.  You only need the liquid ball lock disconnect as the gas line connects direct to the outlet barb on your CO2 gas Regulator
  • Barb for attaching gas line to purging section of the gun
  • Cleaning Brush to clean SS tubing of the gun that is put into your beer


The Bottle Filler Gun only allows beer to come into contact with 304SS stainless steel only

  • Consistent bottle level filling
  • One hand operation needed
  • Low level foaming
  • Easy to clean
  • Works well for both carbonated and non carbonated drinks
  • 15psi max operation


  • Chill bottles to beer temp
  • Turn on CO2 and set to psi level required (CO2 goes into brass section of the gun)
  • Place stainless rod into vessel and press the brass trigger to purge CO2 and pull the stainless trigger to dispense liquid
  • Remove bottle filler gun when bottle is full and cap the bottle

Twin Lever Bottle Capper + 100 Gold Bottle Caps

This is a brand new two-handed Bottle Capper perfect for standard crown seals on long necks or heavy duty stubbies.

Works with glass crown seal bottles ONLY - Not suitable for screw top bottles 

It is super quick and easy to use:
• Place the crown seal on the bottle lid, then bring both handles down gently.
• The capper grabs the bottle neck and applies the crown seal to the bottle.
• This is a brand new two-handed Bottle Capper perfect for standard crown seals on long necks or heavy duty stubbies.

* Capper colour may vary. Bottle caps for illustration only

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