All Green Bottle Caps-Per Cap Price $0.03

All Green Bottle Caps-Per Cap Price $0.03

Bottling Pack 2

Bottling Pack 2

Bottling Pack 1

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This bottling pack has all you need to get started.

What you gert in this bottling pack is:

* Bottle tree.

 Holds 63 bottles, 

*Bottle rinser.

This product is designed to fit to the top of our bottle tree, and creates an easy way to rinse your bottles

* StellaSan Sanitizer 500ml

Food grade non rinse sanitiser

The phosphoric acid blend provides a unique killing system, unafected by organic soils and delivering a high foaming formulation with optimum coverage and penetration.

Unlike other sanitisers it is non-staining, non-corrosive on stainless and stable over a wide range of temperatures. 

This sanitiser comes packaged in a convenient 2 chamber mixer container so you can easily measure the required amout simply by squeezing the bottle.

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