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Bottling Pack 1

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Bottling Pack 3

Bottling Pack 2

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This pack has everything needed to clean and saintiser you bottles before bottling:

Included in this pack is the following:

Turbo Bottle washer:

Apply this item to your tap and place bottle over the top and turbo washer your bottles. Also comes with a tap adaptor.

100% Pure Sodium percarbonate:

For cleaning of all your bottling equipment. 30 grms per 4 litres of water.

Bottle brush:

For cleaning all bottle types.

Bottle rinser:

Enables you to easily spray saintiser solution into each bottle and cuts down on the amount of time cleaning.

StellaSan Sanitiser:

Premium non rinse sanitiser to use with the bottle rinser. 30ml to 1 liter

FastRack x 2 plus 1 Tray:

Each rack holds 24 bottles.The FastRack is the cleanest way to drain, stack, and store your empties!  When bottling, use the FastRack to dry out your bottles after sanitizing, and have them ready at hand to fill with your delicious homebrew! 

Bottles for display purpose only. Bottles not included in pack.

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