Bottling Pack 2

Bottling Pack 2

250ml Measuring Test Tube Cylinder & Hydrometer

250ml Measuring Test Tube Cylinder & Hydrometer

Bottling Pack 3

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This pack includes everything needed to clean and santize your bottles ready to bottle your brew.

Included in this pack is the following:

*100% Pure Sodium percarbonate:

For cleaning of all your bottling equipment. 30 grams to 4 litres of water

*Bottle brush:

For cleaning all bottle types. Comes with a tip on the end to get into those hard to reach areas.

*Bottle rinser:

Enables you to easily spray santiser solution into each bottle and cuts down on the amount of time cleaning.

*StellaSan Sanitizer:

Premium non rinse sanitizer to use with the bottle rinser. 30ml to 1 liter

*Bottle Tree:

This bottle draining/drying tree holds 63 bottles.

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