Imperial Liquid Yeast Clearance Sale

Imperial Liquid Yeast Clearance Sale

OATMEAL STOUT - 5L NANO Mash Fresh Wort Kit SALE!!

OATMEAL STOUT - 5L NANO Mash Fresh Wort Kit SALE!!

Bulk Buy Cleaning Pack

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Bulk Buy Cleaning Pack

A cost affective way to purchase your cleaning products and keep your brewing chemical organised and ready for safe and easy use. Your cleaning pack comes with 

*5L Food Grade Jerry Can Made From HDPE Plastic, Containing 4.5kg of Sodium Percarbonate

5 litre food grade Jerry Can that is made from HDPE plastic.  This Jerry Can is perfect for mixing 5l of sanitiser and storing it.  The Jerry Can is also great for storing other cleaning fluids prepared for your brewing or food preperation equipment. 

Another great use, and more common use, is in no chill storing of brewed wort, a common use for larger 15l or 20l versions.  Seperating wort into these 5l containers enables the wort to chill faster lessoning the effects hops have on no chill brewing. 

This little 5L Jerry Can would also serve brewers well when doing micro mashes, small test batches, bulk yeast storage or storing wort from stepped grains for application into brews at another date.

*100% Pure Sodium Percarbonate 4.5kg in Jerry Can

Usage Rate: 10 grams per 1 litre

Sodium percarbonate is the 100% active ingredient so it is pretty powerful stuff. 
Sodium percarbonate uses active oxygen to penetrate carbon or protein soils and has a high kill rate on wide range of micro-organisms making it an effective sanitiser as well as cleaner. 
This is a fantastic product for use on all brewery equipment including beer lines, pots, fermenters, heat exchangers. It will effectively remove beer stone & dried up yeast. 
Sodium percarbonate gradually decomposes into not-toxic, environmentally safe, food grade elements. It decomposes into oxygen, sodium carbonate & water.

StellarSan Sanitizer 500ml

This sanitiser is completely food grade and non-rinse.

The formulation is highly concentrated and will make over 300Litres when diluted. 

You can also re-use the sanitiser over and over again making it even more cost effective. 

The phosphoric acid blend provides a unique killing system, unafected by organic soils and delivering a high foaming formulation with optimum coverage and penetration.

The formulation is made to impart no off-odors or flavours.

Unlike other sanitisers it is non-staining, non-corrosive on stainless and stable over a wide range of temperatures. 

This sanitiser comes packaged in a convenient 2 chamber mixer container so you can easily measure the required amout simply by squeezing the bottle.

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