1 - 125L NANO Still Boiler with NANO Domed Copper Lid SPECIAL OFFER

1 - 125L NANO Still Boiler with NANO Domed Copper Lid SPECIAL OFFER

6hL Premier Stainless Unitank (secondhand)

6hL Premier Stainless Unitank (secondhand)

Coffee Mini Keg Head Plus 3.6lt Mini Keg CLEARANCE

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Coffee Mini Keg Head:  Just need a tap

Cold brew coffee is gaining massive popularity world wide and for a number of good reasons

  • Low acidity - gentle on the stomach
  • High caffeine - up to 6x an espresso
  • Smooth flavour - much less bitterness
  • Easy to drink black so no dairy or nut milks needed therefore lower calories.
  • Makes perfect coffee based alcoholic drinks like espresso martini
  • When poured using nitro it comes out with a creamy texture despite having no milk in it.
  • Nitrous oxide give a slightly sweet flavour, a creamy head and can be used instantly.
  • Pure nitrogen must be left for a while to absorb into the liquid but then pours with cascading head like a stout.

This coffe Keg Head suits our mini kegs and is perfect for use with coffee or other bevergaes.  When purchasing the item remember you will also need to purchase a tap/faucet and faucet handle to be able to use with the coffe head,

Product does not come with Mini Keg and Tap or Tap handle as shown in the images.

What You Get:

  • Coffee Head 
  • Black Gas Bulb Cover (screw on bulb cover)

3.6L Mini Keg 

This small sized mini keg can be used as a growler as it is small enough to drink directly from.  The keg also has a Mini Keg Tapping Head available for purchase so you can pour from the keg into glass or other perferred drinking vessels.

The mini keg system is a great little portable keg system that you can take to parties, BBQs, or camping.

The 3.6L size is equivalent 10 x 330ml Bottles of Beer.

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