Tomato Sauce/Passata

In 2017 we have began our journey into DIY food and so far we have been able to bring our customers a fair range of products.  In this section of our website we have Mad Millie Cheese making products, sausage making ingredients and equipment, Reber Meat Mincers, and a whole lot more.  Moving forward we are looking to grow this part of our offering considerably and as more funds become available we will do so.  We are new to the DIY food game but hope to learn as we go from both our customers and business partners in this area.

Cheeky Peak Brewery staff welcome any feedback from our customers in this area.  If you are a brewer of wine, beer or cider, but also venture into DIY food, then please send us some feed back and help us understand what you would like to see in this section of our website.  At Cheeky Peak we understand that if you can get supplies, for two of your passions in life, from one supplier then it will save you money and time whilst making you very happy, and this is what we wish to do.

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