AUSSIE PALE ALE - All Grain Recipe Pack

AUSSIE PALE ALE - All Grain Recipe Pack

3 C’s PALE ALE - All Grain Recipe Pack SALE

3 C’s PALE ALE - All Grain Recipe Pack SALE

FARMHOUSE ALE - All Grain Recipe Pack

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FARMHOUSE ALE - All Grain Recipe Pack

MALT: Pilsner, Vienna, Oats


This recipe pack is an all grain recipe pack, meaning that malted wheat and barley is used to produce the perfect beer to suit your taste.

All Cheeky Peak recipe packs involve craft brewing requirements, in that beer is made from scratch using raw ingredients.

Brewing beer this way enables you greater flavour and flavour control, far better consistency and therefore a greater quality to the end result.

Cheeky Peaks malted wheat and grain is of the highest quality and any grain included in your pack has our guarantee that it has been freshly cracked upon any order, no recipe pack sits on our shelves.  The hops given in each Recipe Pack are also of the highest quality, kept in cold storage and from the most recent crops available. The yeast included is the best dry yeast specifically selected for the type of beer you’re producing in your Recipe Pack; we recognise that yeast is a very important component to the flavour and end result of your product.

Please confirm whether the grain is to be cracked or not

Estimated brew time is 3 to 4 hours.


Malted Wheat and Barley


Brew day running sheet

Yeast nutrients

1/2 a Whirlfloc tablet

Recommended Dry Yeast

OPTIONAL: Brettanomyces Secondary Yeast Strain (Not Included in Recipe Pack) *This recipe can still be brewed without a Brettanomyces Yeast Strain.

Brewers choice for grain to be cracked?

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