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SS 5/8" Liquid Ball Lock Post - Suits SS A & D Type Keg Couplers

New Carbonation Keg Lid - Fits 19L New & Used Keg

New Carbonation Keg Lid - Fits 19L New & Used Keg

Gas Barbed Ball Lock Disconnect

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Gas Barbed Ball Lock Disconnect:

The Ball Lock Disconnects are designed to allow quick and easy connection to Cornelius kegs.  Connections are used for both gas input (grey or white coloured) and beer output (black colored) on your kegs.  The grey disconnect is placed on the “IN” post, this is your gas disconnect.

How to use the item:

  • Disconnects are attached to the posts.  Please ensure you sanitize and lubricate the disconnect well (with approved food grade lubricant) prior to doing this.
  • Simply withdraw the collar which intern releases the 4 ball bearings within the inner diameter and then push onto the relative post of your keg.
  • A built in plunger within the disconnect will depress a poppet valve built into the post, this will enable flow of gas or liquid. 
  • To remove disconnect simply withdraw the collar and remove and the poppet valve built into the post should seal as they are spring loaded.

Features :

  • High tensile food grade plastic
  • 6mm barb (will fit 4mm to 5mm hose once softened with hot water)
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