5L Measuring Jug

5L Measuring Jug

SS Brewtech Glycol System

SS Brewtech Glycol System

Mead Making Kit With 5L Glass Demijohn

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Small Batch Mead Making Kit

This kit has all the equipment you need to create a small batch of mead.

The kit contains:

*5lt Glass Demijohn with a flip top lid: Very smooth surface inside makes the vessel easy to clean.

*Boreded bung: To fit your airlock for fermentation

*Airlock: Fill approximately half way with water. The water acts as a environmental barrier keeping bugs and other little nasties out of your batch, but still allowing gasses to escape the fermentation.

*Mangrove Jacks Mead Yeast: - For best results ferment at 15-30.

*Stick on Thermometer: Simply stick this onto your demijohn to get a temperature reading.

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