NANO - X 105L Jacketed Unitank

NANO - X 105L Jacketed Unitank


1.5" Tri Clover with Male Quick Disconnect

NANO - X 160L Jacketed Unitank

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NANO - X 160L Jacketed Unitank 


Welcome to the our new top of the range NANO Unitanks at smaller volumes. As per there bigger and smaller cousins we offer, the inclusions are only the best.

Our new tanks fill the gap in our extensive conical fermenter range. The NANO - X 160L Jacketed Unitank fermenters suit NANO brewery systems for small commercial brewers and for the home craft beer brewer.

These high end fermentation tanks top off our extensive range of SS fermenters.  No there is no plastic and our new jacketed tanks are a buy once and never have to buy again product, 


  • Buy once non consumable product
  • Cooling jacketed side walls for efficient cooling or beer temperature maintenance
  • Endless 1.5" Tri Clover ports for adding accessories
  • Pressure rated at 2 Bar / 30 PSI
  • Built in Extension Legs for room for dump valve accessories or yeast cultivation products
  • 8" TC port on top for very easy access and a 8" to 4" short reducer provided to enable the addition of other accessories available in our NANO - X Fermenter category on our website.  CPB have endless TC parts to support any brewers needs
  • 2" TC Dump Valve and CPB offer endless 2" TC parts to value add to brewing solutions for your brewery
  • 2" TC port on upper part of the cone for ULD element or other useful TC solutions to meet brewers needs
  • 4 X 1.5" Ports on the top to add any accessories you wish
  • 4 X 1.5" ports on the cone for even more accessories

Inclusions for your purchase:

  • 1.5" TC Sampling Valve
  • 1.5" TC Spunding Valve
  • 1.5" TC 120mm X 30mm Pro Ball lock Oxygen & Carbonation Stone
  • 1.5: TC 2 Bar / 30 PSI PRV
  • 1.5: TC Thermowell
  • 1.5" TC Pressure Gauge
  • 1,.5" TC Blow Cane with 1.5" TC 1/2" 3 Piece Ball Valve
  • 1.5" TC 1/2" 3 Piece Sight Glass Ball Valve Kit with Racking Cane
  • 2" TC Dump Valve Assembly including a 2" Stepped Butterfly valve
  • Built in Extension Legs
  • SS Adjustable Feet X 4
  • 8" to 4" Top reducer and 4" End Cap and Clamp
  • All TC Clamps and Seals included with all inclusions


  • Net weight: 60 kg
  • Gross weight: 79 kg
  • Gross volume: 160 litre
  • Max volume: Typical allowance of 25% for head space when fermenting beer
  • Min volume: 49 litre
  • Volume, cone: 28 litre
  • Constructed from: 1.5mm stainless steel (SS304)
  • Standard operating pressure: 1.0 bar / 15 PSI
  • Max pressure: 2.0 bar / 30 PSI
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