PeakStill - Neutral Spirit Thrasher

PeakStill - Neutral Spirit Thrasher

PeakStill - 4

PeakStill - 4" Bubble Plate Complete

PeakStill - 4" SS Modular Still

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PeakStill - 4" SS Modular Still

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Cheeky Peak Brewery has moved into 4" Fractional stills with our new PeakStill.

Our brand new 4" modular column still is the perfect entry point for the advanced amateur and small craft distillers. We also offer 50ltr boilers and number of accessories to grow the versatile PeakStill.

The PeakStill is capable of being re-configured as a pot still, 4 plate whiskey still or operate the PeakStill with 6 - 8 plates for the manufacture of vodka.

What You Get:

  • 4 X 4" Complete Tee Assembly
  • 3" 304SS 40mm Probed CPB Dial Thermometer
  • 1 X Condenser (Deflag)
  • 1 X Shot Gun Condenser
  • 1 X Parrot Complete Assembly + 1.5" Tri Clover barb for fore shot valve assembly 
  • 1 X Top Elbow
  • 4 X 2 Piece full bore 304SS Ball Valves with barb fittings for inlet and outlet of water lines
  • All triclover seals and clamps required.
Reducers, extensions, 300mm Packing Section and Gin Caddy sold separately.

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