PeakStill - 50L 4

PeakStill - 50L 4" Clear View 4 Plate Complete with Boiler

PeakStill - Clear View 4

PeakStill - Clear View 4" Bubble Tee Complete

PeakStill - 6 Plate Clear View Neutral Spirit Thrasher 4": Still Only

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PeakStill - Clear View Neutral Spirit Thrasher 4"  

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The PeakStill 4" Column stills presents our Clear View Neutral Spirit Thrasher.  This version of the modular Clear View is an all in one still that allows the distiller to do Neutral spirits or white spirits and brown spirits. When doing white spirits or neutrals simplay use the still as it is sold and when doing brown spirits remove the packing section and 2 bubble tees and distill your brown spirits. 

We also offer 50ltr, 60ltr and 110ltr boilers and number of accessories to grow the versatile Clear View PeakStill.

There are other products of similar look in the market but this product is of far better quality.  We only get the best in this area and have ensured the clear sections are all stainless steel, if you look at other products on the market you will notice the sections are white and plastic.

The PeakStill is capable of being re-configured as a pot still, 4 plate whiskey still or operate the PeakStill with 5 - 6 plates for the manufacture of vodka etc.

What You Get:

  • 6 X Bubble sections for a 6 plate Clear View PeakStill
  • 1 X Bolt Set to reduce Bubble Tee section to 4 Bubble Tees
  • 1 X Triple Digital Thermometer with triple sensor probes
  • 1 X Condenser (Dephleg)
  • 1 X Shot Gun Condenser
  • 1 X 500mm Packing Section
  • 1 X 500mm Parrot Extension
  • 1 X 200mm Gin Caddy 
  • 1 X 200mm Parrot Extension
  • 1 X Parrot Complete Assembly + 1.5" Tri Clover barb for fore shot valve assembly 
  • 1 X Top U Bend
  • Plumbing Set including tubing
  • All triclover seals and clamps required.

Pro Gin Caddy Sold Seperatly.
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