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PeakStill - 4" SS Modular Still

PeakStill - Neutral Spirit Thrasher

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PeakStill - Neutral Spirit Thrasher

The PeakStill Neutral Spirit Thrasher is a 5 plate still with a 500mm packed section configured to produce the cleanest neutrals and vodkas possible.

This rig is the ultimate in distilling for those that want one still that can do it all, it just depends what you want as to how many modules you use.

At Cheeky Peak Brewery we recomend that for rums, whiskies, brandies and so on that you use 4 plates & do single runs, while for the purest nuetral the Nuetral Spirit Thrasher will bennifit from higher ABV upto 40% (no greater than 40%) low wines runs from stripped wash.

This unit comes standard with 4" connection & short 4" x  2" top reducer.

Total height of unit from boiler connection is 1780mm 

Please Note

  • Boiler not included
  • Packing is available at extra cost
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