Kreyer Fermflex Mobil Fermenter Temp Controller

Kreyer Fermflex Mobil Fermenter Temp Controller

600L Pro Jacketed Unitank - Dimple Jacketed - Australian Certified Pressure Tank AS1210

600L Pro Jacketed Unitank - Dimple Jacketed - Australian Certified Pressure Tank AS1210

Tri Clover 230L 3V Double Tip Brewery: Now Comes with 26 Plate SonFlow Chiller

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Tri Clover 230L 3V Double Tip Brewery: Now Comes with 26 Plate SonFlow Chiller

  • 32 page manual available upon request and included with a system purchase
  • Over 50 recipes to get your brewery started
  • Professional pro brewing support and after sales service

230L 3v tipping system vs fixed vessel systems with Mash Tun man holes:

Cheeky Peak Brewery has designed a tipping system for 3 main reasons. The ease of Mash Tun grain dumping (no more time consuming shovelings), for ease and speed of system cleaning and to limit risks to business in relation to OH&S issues. 

Fixed vessel systems are now superseded and are now the prehistoric dinosaurs at 200 or 230l system production level because of our NANO tipping systems.  Our modern day innovative Australian designed tip system is a market leader in Australia. Companies offer the same boring competing fixed vessel systems but the NANO double tip is still the market leader.

Let us tell you why it should be first choice for your tap house or pilot brewery.

Imagine a brew day with no shoveling of spent grain. Shoveling out of, or reaching into the top of a vessel, or through a small gimmicky man hole, which in fact makes removing grain even harder, especially with the absence of a built in rake system. Maybe the small man hole is big enough for you to get through and into the Mash Tun in order to remove all the grain?

At the end of the day why even bother when you can simply press a button, like on our modern motorized tipping Mash Tun. Simply dump all the grain with no stress or hassle. Why shovel out of a truck when there is such things as dump trucks? 

Tipping our system puts the NANO so far ahead of the game and without doubt the modern system other sellers are envious of, as brewers know, a day without shoveling grain is a good day! 

There are many imported systems that are constructed the same way, but none tip or can match our system in terms of cleaning speed. 

They may claim they are easy to clean, but they could never claim they are as easy to clean as the NANO 3v double tip.  Additionally, none of them are as brewer friendly as our unique system.  The tipping system saves on labor, the biggest cost to a business. It saves on brewer ware and tare and therefore assists in injury prevention, the largest risk to a business.. 

It is simple, tip & dump, hose and return to service within 10 minutes or shovel and scrap for an hour, the choice is simple.

System cleaning

Hard plumbed systems are very hard to clean and maintain.  They come with so many more valve and fitting which need to be cleaned and seals need to be replaced.  At 200l volume output this type of maintenance and cleaning is just not practical from a cost perspective hence our NANO system are kept very simple in this regard.

Cleaning of the NANO brewery system is the simplest on the market.  There is no need to run harsh chemicals through the system to remove malt from hard plumbing or leave harsh chemicals within dark light free pipes to prevent mold growth or anabolic infections.  Chemicals which take time to flush before you even begin your brew day.

Simply remove soft plumbing and soak and rinse and hung and store dry. Light will protect the plumbing from mold growth or anabolic infections.  No need to reach into the kettles and scrub, all you need to do is soak in sodium perc, tip and rinse and leave in tip position to dry and avoid the possibility of mold growth, rust due to scratching SS surfaces during the brewing process.  No need to use triple the water to remove chemicals from pumps, pipe work or vessels, just tip and quick rinse. No need to flush pumps as they are all tri clover heads remove quickly for soaking and rinsing and replacing.  No need to reach or jump into vessels to clean elements as they simply un clamp and remove for easy soaking, rinsing and cleaning. 

Cleaning your NANO is without doubt the biggest labor saving that no other system can compete with.  At 230L production you need a system that cuts labor as production volumes is not enough to spread the cost. 

CIP is available but really why pay more when you really do not need to.  No other system is as easy to clean as the NANO system, it tips.

Soft plumbing vs hard Plumbing at 230L production

Hard plumbed systems require much more time to clean. You need to use more chemicals and water, it is a simple fact.  Yes they look fancy, but they are simply not practical at 200L production output as cleaning time, chemical and water all costs, which ends coming off the bottom line.

NANO brewery have stuck with soft plumbing because it can be pulled off simply and stored dry.  It can be replaced cheaply.  Yes you need to replace soft plumbing after 20 uses but it is far less of a cost then the costs to maintaining hard plumbed systems.  

Hard plumbed systems with gasketed plate chillers built into the system also pose a number of maintenance issues and time consuming costs. Firstly you need to disconnect the hard plumbing then you need to removed the fixed in plate chiller before you even start to pull the chiller apart.  Some companies even go as far to tell you plate chillers are easy to clean, well this is just not true. Gasketed plate chillers are very hard to clean and they take hours to do so. Gasketed plate chillers are with doubt the best chillers for a system but they are very hard to clean and maintain.

The NANO system comes with a non fixed plate chiller for a reason, we keep it simple. It makes it more simple to plumb water to it, it makes more simple to pull apart, especially if it blocks up half way through chilling your wort.    

Fixed elements vs tri clover elements

The NANO tip systems come with tri clover elements to save hours in cleaning time. Being able to remove an element and clean independently, enables faster and hassle free element cleaning. Element cleaning needs to be done after every brew, hence make this process as simple as you can. 

Unlike other system on the market, there is no reaching into vessels with a scrubber or having to hop into the vessel to get those hard to clean areas of elements.  Simply un clamp, remove and clean with the NANO system.

Low density elements vs NANO low density elements combined with NANO controllers voltage control

A number of companies who sell systems boast of low density elements, but to put it simply, this is not enough to prevent wort from scorching onto the elements during boil. It is an even greater issue when you do high gravity beers. 

The NANO system has low density elements but we have taken this one step further to ensure we combine the elements with voltage control.  Voltage control enables the brewer to lower voltage to the elements to achieve the perfect boil and to ensure no scorching of wort.  Voltage control alone saves scorching, prevents over boils and massive spills. It also ensures a lower evaporation rate for more accurate brewing volumes.  Additionally, voltage control is the ultimate Distillers friend as it ensures no boil foaming going up into still columns and spoiling distilling end product.  Systems without voltage control should not even be a consideration.

Pumps with no hard plumbing and tri clover heads vs hard plumbed systems with bolt on pump heads

The NANO pumps are not hard plumed into. The pumps have easy to remove pump head. Two pumps have tri clover pump heads.  With NANO there is no need to remove hard plumbing, remove bolts and then finally get into the pump head to clean it.  Simply un clamp soak, rinse and replace.

Keep it simple at 200L production volume as time is money.  

Taller vessel systems vs wider vessel systems

All systems at the end of the day are pots, some wider and some narrower.  The wider the vessel the bigger and heavier the false bottom and parts, the greater the dead space or losses, and above all they limit the flexibility of batch size. 

The NANO false bottom is less then 10kg heavy and posses no risks of back injuries or injuries caused from handling errors. The NANO false bottom is so much more simpler in its deliberate design and therefor quicker to clean. 

The NANO vessels are also narrower enabling a deeper grain bed for greater wort filtration when recirculating.  A narrower vessel also allows for smaller batches to be done effectively, as the grain is not spread across a wider surface area reducing grain bed height and wort filtration capability and therefor limiting smaller batch sizes. 

The biggest issue with wide vessels is dead space, the wider the vessel the greater the dead space and therefor greater loss of product.  Not only does our system tip and lock forward for ultimate dead space reduction, it also has narrower vessels as an added benefit to further reduce dead space.

Wider vessels are common on other systems of similar size.  Wider vessels are simply not practical when only producing 200l or looking to produce smaller batches of slow moving products, or test batches.  Wider vessels also exist on other systems because people may need to get inside of them to clean elements and other hard to reach places that a spray ball set up will simply not clean correctly (elements).  The CPB 230L NANO system tips and elements can be removed, so no need to go to the time consuming effort of getting into a vessel or be a contortionist to be able to clean, just tip and rinse.  

Fixed height sparge fitting vs flexible height sparg fitting

The sparge fittings are flexible height fittings and tubing.  This is done to allow batches from 80L right up to 230L without disturbing the grain bed.

NANO double Tip CIP

CIP is available with your NANO system.  We provide a domed pressure lid with a spray ball and plumbing to enable CIP of all vessels.  The lid can be transferred from vessel to vessel allowing CIP cleaning of all vessels, not just one vessel. 

The NANO tip system really does not require CIP as it tips, but if you would like this option it is just $490 extra.

NANO distilling attachment

The NANO all in one distilling attachment is a 6" pot and reflux all in one still.  We have made the distilling attachment 6" as you will need it to be 6" to distil 200L of wash.  Using a four inch still will take forever and a day to distill a 200L wash. 

The NANO distilling attachment can make Brown and White spirits at the turn of a few valves.  Make Rum, Whiskey, Gin or vodka by simply turning a few valves. 

The NANO distilling attachment can be altered to hard plumb into two 270L vessels or 3 270L vessels on the NANO system, enabling a distillery to boil 400L to 600L of wash at one time.

In this case you may consider one of our 8" or 12" distilling attachments. 


The flat based vessels of the NANO gives the NANO system ultimate flexibility. 

All vessels on the system can be converted into Mash Tuns for all grain wash production.  Alternatively, all mash tuns can quickly be reverted back  to still boilers. 

Modifying the NANO system for distilling purposes is simple with a few cost effective upgrades that other system on the market can not do. NANO can be custom made right here at CPB. 

The NANO system can produce up to 600L of wash in a single batch due to flexibility and simplicity that the NANO tipping system provides.

NANO is without doubt the best system for all round brewing and distilling on the Australian market, that can do what they claim they can do.

Best of all it tips! From batch to batch it simply makes producing all grain wash a non labor intensive task. 

NANO transport ability: We ship Australia Wide and World Wide.

NANO Systems are in the NT, all the way down the East coast to Phillip Island. 

Our systems can be found in Sydney right across to WA. We even have systems in New Zealand! 

Shipping our NANO is very cost effective as it has a much smaller footprint then others offered on the market. 

The system is 2.4m in length, 1.8m in height and just 1m wide. It has a total weight of just 230kg. 

The NANO is light and easy to move and transport, or to relocate in your brewery if needed. 

The NANO system comes with heavy duty top of the range castor wheels so it can be moved easy around your brewery.

Packing the system for transport is of up most importance to us, in order to protect your asset. 

We put the system on top of 1.2m X 1.2m X 1.2m pallet and then we secure the system to the pallet using timbers to ensure it can not jump up and down or move side to side off the pallet. 

We then wrap the entire system in packing wrap to protect the exterior of the system from scratches or damage, and to prevent items of the system ending up as road kill. 

Additionally we remove all valves and controllers from the front of the system and pack them in the system vessels or under the system to ensure they do not rattle loose during transport or can not be knocked or damaged before your asset reaches your brewery. 

NANO 3v component and design origin

NANO frames are constructed right here in Australia by our very own local manufacturers. We do not import them as we prefer to keep as much as we can local. 

The NANO Sondex 26 plate chiller is also made right here in Australia. 

NANO vessels, fittings, elements and 1 pump on the system are imported from China. 

NANO controllers and 2 pumps are from America. 

We bring all the parts together and construct our systems right here at CPB. Because of this we can custom make your NANO to suit your needs.

In the short term NANO will have its very own controllers which will be designed and made right here in Australia. 

Commercial Brewing experience and NANO support

AT Cheeky Peak Brewery we design and build our systems. 

We have been able to do this due to our extensive brewing experience of 12 years. A commercial brewing operation. 

Our system builder is an owner of CPB and was our head brewer for over 12 years. 

Additionally, we have another stuff member who has worked as a head brewers for over 4 years and has been brewing for over 10 years. 

Our knowledge and experience is second to none as compared to other sellers in the market.

With this knowledge we do not keep it to ourselves.  We share it and are available at any time to support your brewery needs and wants, in relation to any information required. 

We support our products 100% and offer an after sales service that is also second to none. We are here to help, so make sure reach out after your purchase.  

Bolt On Optional Extra's:

  • Make your system a 3 tip system with our bolt on third tip option for the HLT (make all 3 vessels tip): Available now
  • New dump trolley that is forklift compatible and also has tipping capability
  • Bolt on Motorized Grain Mill (bolts onto left side of system): Available in December

Our NANO gear can be found in a number of big well known craft breweries and our 230L Double Tip 3V  forms the main system in many breweries currently operating.  We sold over 100 NANO systems

Since the first 200L rolled off the floor we have continued to improve it with a core focus on brewer ergonomics, brewing speed and efficiency and business operating cost effectiveness and risk reduction. 

Business & Brewer Friendly Features & Benefits of our tip systems:

  • Dramatic reduction in cleaning time reducing labor costs
  • Dramatic reduction in grain removable time reducing labor costs and increasing production output in a single brew day
  • Brewer friendly operation with a dramatic decrease in heavy lifting & manual handling thus reducing risk to worker health and worker compensation issues 
  • Dramatic decrease in water usage for cleaning 
  • Easy storage
  • 100% sanitary parts. All removable and replaceable parts that are available Australia wide
  • Dramatic reduction of wort wastage or as brewers call it, dead space
  • 3v Maximum wort production capability
  • Electric system with optional gas heating support. System can operate independently of with both
  • Fast efficient heating time reducing brew days and saving in labor costs
  • Batch size flexibility, important for slow and fast moving product production variation
  • Secured vessels
  • Bolt on optional extra's for further brewing business solutions
  • Operating flexibility for greater production output
  • Strong product support from professional brewers and brewery owners

230L System Features:

NANO Brewery 304SS Vessel

  • 3 X 270L NANO 304SS brewing vessels
  • Electronically etched internal calibration markings in 5L increments
  • 304 18/8 Stainless Steel construction
  • 1.2mm 304SS thickness
  • Triple base vessels for even heat distribution and LPG or natural gas burner compatible
  • Strong 304SS handles with silicon grips on vessel and vessel lid

Hot Liquor Tank (HLT):

  • 304SS 270L NANO Brewery 304SS triple bottom tri clover vessel. 
  • 11500w in total element power. 
  • Featuring 1.5" tri clover dump valve
  • Whirl pooling valve for whirl pool capability for even liquid heating throughout the HLT
  • Top of vessel tri clover fill port for water fill or wort fill if using the HLT as a second Boiler Kettle
  • Full weldless thermowell to house and protect the temperature controller probe 
  • OPTIONAL (Sold Separately): LPG burner that can be placed under the HLT in provided space. 

Mash Tun:

  • 304SS 270L NANO Brewery304SS triple bottom vessel
  • 2 X 304SS GrainStopper False Bottoms for full vessel diameter coverage at the bottom of the Mash Tun and at the top of the grain bed once grain is added
  • 1.5" tri clover dump valve
  • 1.5" fill port at the top of Mash Tun for water fill and wort recirculation
  • 270L 13mm thick foam rubber Insulation Jacket
  • CPB 304SS 3” Dial Thermometer pro set up

Boiler Brew Kettle:

  • 304SS 270L NANO Brewery304SS triple bottom tri clover vessel
  • 1.5” Tri Clover dump valve
  • 11500w in total element power 
  • Featuring 1.5" tri clover dump valve
  • Whirl pooling valve for whirl pool capability for even liquid heating throughout the HLT
  • Top of vessel tri clover fill port for water fill or wort fill 
  • Full weldless thermowell to house and protect temperature controller probe 
  • OPTIONAL (Sold Separately): 2nd LPG Burner that can be mounted under the cradle housing for the Boiler Kettle

RIMS System:

  • 304SS Cheeky Peak Brewery custom system recirculation package complete. Brew stand mounted complete RIMS package requiring 15amps of power to run

Brew Stand: (New Motorized Mash Tun Tip Frame)

  • 304SS Double Tip A frame brew stand
  • Semi Automatic motorized tipping section for heavy Mash Tun grain dumping.  New motorized Mash Tun brewer friendly tip frame to avoid heavy lifting of full Mash Tun
  • Provision for 3 magnetic drive food safe pumps
  • 4 time lock in tip positions for boiler kettle.  Including tilt and lock forward and tilt and lock tip positions
  • Levelling swiveling caster wheels on left of frame and civil caster wheels with brakes on right of frame.  Easy to move and easy to level system within brewing wet areas
  • 304SS Front of system controller mounting bracket (removable bracket)
  • Provisions for 2 X high pressure LPG Gas burners.  
  • Custom 304SS RIMS/Hop rocket mounting bracket
  • All 304SS nuts and bolt included
  • OPTIONAL: Bolt on third tip option also available to enable the HLT to tip  
  • OPTIONAL: Bolt on  Motorized Grain Mill in development stage 

System Magnetic Drive Pumps:

  • 2 X Sanitary magnetic drive pumps + fitting for hose attachment
  • High performance curved blade impeller and strong rare earth magnets deliver 7 GPM and up to 21ft of pressure head!
  • 304SS Tri-clamp head connection fully disassembles in seconds for easy cleaning
  • 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet connections
  • Totally enclosed motor is splash proof and super quiet (50 dB)
  • Integral linear flow valve for superior flow control
  • Integral air vent valve and partially enclosed impeller design allows you to prime the pump in seconds - no more frustrating air locked pumps!
  • Stainless steel head rotates 360 degrees to fit in virtually any installation
  • Frame mounted
  • Convenient power switch on the base
  • Includes a 10ft long cord with plug (240V)
  • Base acts as a cord wrap for convenient storage
  • 1 X 65w Larger magnetic drive pump with 304SS head + fittings for hose attachment

System Temperature and Pump Controllers:

  • 3 X Individual Brewing Controllers
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface.
  • Keypad Data Entry.
  • Advanced Temperature Control Algorithm.
  • Automated Step Mashing (up to 5 steps and 9 profiles).
  • Boil Addition Timers (up to 7 additions and 9 profiles).
  • Integral Pump Switch.
  • Lab Grade Precision Thermometer - Superior to RTD's.
  • Customizable Settings - Basic and Advanced.
  • Mash Step Ramp Rate Delay.
  • HERMS / RIMS Offsets.
  • Audible Alarms.
  • Upgradable Firmware.
  • Switchable Between frame mounting and Wall Mounting all provided.
  • Modular - Connect Multiple Units!
  • Set time delay for heating

Further system inclusions:

  • 10m Heavy Duty Silicon hose for system plumbing
  • 1 X 304SS Heavy duty Mash Paddle
  • 3 X 300ml 96% Phosphoric Acid for SS vessel passivation prior to use
  • 18 X 304SS Butterfly clamps for securing hosing to system fittings


65amp single phase required to run electrics.  LPG gas to run the supplied burner which support the brewing function.  The burner also adds extra energy for quicker heating time of the HLT making this system a double batching beast.  


  • Optional: One day full lesson brewing instructional at Cheeky Peak Brewery on our 230L system or at your site on your new system. Contact 0404097510 for more details around our 230L system.
  • Optional: Choose your wort chiller from the wort chiller section on our website.


3V brewery systems offer far better volume production and can give brewers greater output and variation then any single vessel systems of similar size.  This fact is due to the double batch capability of 3V systems.  Commercially 3V systems are far better value for money due to output, ease of brewing control and in the case of our tip design, speed and ease of cleaning, which is a massive time and labor saving. 


Cheeky Peak Brewery can build a 3 Vessel Brewery to your specifications or we can order one in for you.  Moving forward Cheeky Peak Brewery offer full consultative services on butting brewery start-ups and we look forward to working with prospective brewery owners and imparting our 20 years of brewing knowledge to help you save and limit those costly business mistakes.

Total Footprint/Dimensions:

  • Length 2.4m
  • Height 1.8m
  • Width 1m
  • 230kg in total weight
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