170L Tri Clover Series NANO 304SS Pro Mash Tun

170L Tri Clover Series NANO 304SS Pro Mash Tun

SS Brewtech Glycol System

SS Brewtech Glycol System

Tri Clover Edition 200L 3V Double Tip NANO Brewery: Full Electric & LPG Gas Support

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Tri Clover Edition 200L 3V Double Tip NANO Brewery: Full Electric & LPG Gas Support

Over 90 3 vessel breweries, from Cheeky Peak Brewery, operate accross Australia.  Our NANO gear can be found in a number of big well known craft breweries and our 200L forms the main system for more then 11 breweries currently operating.  

Since the first 200L rolled off the floor we have continued to improve it and finally we now have our complete 200L system with our professionally designed and fabricated double tip 304SS frame.  Making the frame tip dramatically reduces system cleaning time and therefore labour time and costs which results in massive savings in money over the life of the system. Not only is it easy to dispose of grain and clean the system, we have now designed the stand to allow both the Mash Tun and the Boiler to tilt forward in order to reduce dead space from 20L to just 5L, so over the life of the system this is also a massive cost advantage.

Our upgrades now include a 13mm thick Mash Tun jacket to hold the Mash Tun temp to 1 degree temperature loss an hour.  By doing this we have enabled the system to handle single infusions and perform amazingly for those that like to step mash.

This 200L 3 Vessel NANO Brewery can produce 400L in a 10 hour brew day if brewing to a standard 60 minute mash period.  However, if you brew to current industry practices 400L can be produced in just 7 to 8 hours, unlike other 200L single vessel systems on the market that cannot produce as much in that time period, and they cost over $6000 more. 

To make life even better there is no need to hand wind or shovel out 70kg of grain every day or shift and lift heavey system components.  The Cheeky Peak Brewery 200L Double Tip 3V 304SS frame allows for the Mash Tun and the Boiler Kettle to tip up and lock into a tipped position for easy grain disposal and cleaning.  Other systems on the market can take over 40 minutes to just dispose of the grain, and brewers need to dig or wrack, but with this system you simply watch the grain fall out as you tip, so it is basically a 5 minute job to empty the Mash Tun..


65amp single phase required to run electrics.  LPG gas to run burners which are there to support the brewing function in power outages.  The burners also add extra energy for quicker heating time making this system a double batching beast.  Cutting heating time cut brewing times and provides further labour costs savings.

Both gas and electric systems and either can be used.  So you can just use gas or just use electric making the system reliable if one fails you can still brew whilst you wait for replacement parts.

What you get: (Note: This will change if you request a full electrical system)

  • 2 X 225 NANO Brewery 304SS triple base pots 
  • 1 X 270L NANO Brewery 304SS triple base pot
  • Fully insulated Mash Tun, 1 degree temp loss per our.
  • 3 X Pot lids
  • Silicon handles for pots and lids
  • Pots are all electronically etched internally with volume marking so no need for flimsy sight glasses
  • 304SS Tippy Dump Mash Tun and Boil Kettle for easy grain dump, trube dump & cleaning
  • Blichmann Auto Sparge with 3 way ball valve on inlet for ease of both recirculating and sparging function
  • Massive 596cm hole of base Grain Stopper False Bottom, this false bottom wont let any grain through when recirculating
  • 3 X 25w Magnetic drive Pumps with SS Heads and your choice of Camlock or quick release fitting.  
  • 1 X 65w Magnetic drive pump with SS head for quick wort transfer to fermenters and stronger whirlpooling for even cooling. 
  • Choice of Camlock or Quick release fittings for entire system
  • 10 X 1m of clear Silicon Hose to plumb and connect the system together
  • 2 X High Pressure LPG Burners with high pressure regulators.  One under the HLT and one under the boiler and built into the frame to assist heating both large vessels fast.  Extra heat makes this sytem a very effecient 3v.
  • 4 X 5750w Blichmann Boil Coil for quick and controlled heating of the HLT and Boiler Brew Kettle
  • 1 X 3200w Blichmann RIMS Rocket that can also doubles as a Hop Rocket
  • 3 X Blichmann 240v Controllers
  • 1 X Copper or 304SS Counter Flow Chiller with all fittings & mounted to the frame to enable inclosed chilling
  • Chillout 30 plate plate chiller with all fittings. This chiller is a floating chiller
  • Pick up tube
  • Whirlpool function for Boil Kettle
  • Whirlpool function and filling inlet for HLT
  • Professionally fabricated 304 Stainless Steel brew stand with pump mounts & RIMS mount
  • Professionally fabricated 304 Stainless Steel controller arm extention for mounting Blichmann Controllers to the Brew Stand.  304SS Nuts and bolts supplied to secure control arm to the Brew Stand
  • All 1/2" Tri Clover Quick Seal Butterfly valves used on the systems inlets and outlets
  • Small foot print 3 vessel NANO Brewery that can fit through a normal household door
  • 4 X Heavy duty steel caster wheels


  • Optional One day full lesson brewing instructional at Cheeky Peak Brewery or at your site on your new system.


3V brewery systems offer far better volume production and can give brewers greater output and variation then any single vessel systems of similar size.  This fact is due to the double batch capability of 3V systems.  Commercially 3V systems are far better value for money due to output, ease of brewing control and in the case of tip design, speed and ease of cleaning which is a massive time and labour saving. 


Cheeky Peak Brewery can build a 3 Vessel Brewery to your specifications or we can order one in for you.  Moving forward Cheeky Peak Brewery offer full consultitive services on butting brewery start ups and we look forward to working with prospective brewery owners and inparting our 20 years of brewing knowledge to help you save and limit those costly business mistakes.

Total Footprint/Dimentions:

  • Length 2300mm
  • Height 1800mm
  • Width 750mm
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