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About Us

Welcome to Cheeky Peak Brewery. Our home brew shop carries Australia’s largest range of recipe packs and the freshest ingredients at the most competitive prices. We stock a full range of home brew products including Beer & Cider Ingredients, Professional Brewery Equipment, All Grain Mashing Equipment, Beer Dispensing, Distilling and plenty more.

Home of NANO Brewery

Cheeky Peak Brewery is the proud home of NANO Brewery 304SS. Specialising in equipment for home and commercial breweries & distilleries.

NANO Brewery 304SS has one strong mission…

We are committed to providing brewing equipment solutions that are ergonomically friendly, maximises output and caters to the specific needs of your brewing hobby or business.

When we first decided to develop NANO Brewery 304SS we noticed that brewers and distillers were being restricted on what they could achieve with the current equipment available on the market. The equipment brewers were purchasing had limited opportunity to adapt and evolve over time.

As brewers ourselves,  we knew that having more flexibility in your equipment would allow you to continually advance and upgrade your brewing equipment, skills and knowledge.

From this point we set out to create brewing and distilling equipment that had the ability to evolve and adapt as your specific brewing needs changed throughout your long brewing journey.

NANO Brewery 304SS was born!

At NANO Brewery 304SS you will find custom designed equipment to suit all your brewing and distilling needs.

Experienced Staff

With a combined experience of over 40 years brewing, our staff are able to answer all your brewing questions, from ingredients/equipment to brewing practices/techniques.

Home Brew & Commercial Solutions

We cater to the home brewing market as well as the small scale commercial beer market. So whether you’re just beginning your brewing or distilling journey or are looking to take your hobby to the next level, we are here to guide and help you!

With the Home of NANO Brewery 304SS located at Cheeky Peak Brewery, we’re here to build your next dream small scale or commercial sized brewery.

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