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Australia’s Favourite Craft Brewing Supply Store

Welcome to Cheeky Peak Brewery. We stock a full range of Craft Brewing products including Brewing Equipment, Beer & Cider Ingredients, Professional Brewery Equipment, Beer Dispensing, Distilling and much more. Our Craft Brewing Supply Store carries Australia’s largest range of recipe packs and the freshest ingredients at the most competitive prices.

Why choose Cheeky Peak?

Freshest Ingredients

At Cheeky Peak we store our hops and grains in optimal conditions. Selling over 40 of our popular all grain recipe packs each week, it ensures a quick turn over of our ingredients, so you can be sure the ingredients are as fresh as possible.


Experienced Staff

With a combined experience of over 40 years brewing, our staff are able to answer all your brewing questions, from ingredients/equipment to brewing practices/techniques.

Home Brew Supplies

We cater to the home brewing market as well as the small scale commercial beer market. We build small scale home and commercial breweries.