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ADDING FRUIT TO BEER: How to avoid infection

When using fruit post fermentation, there are a couple of simple techniques that need to be adopted in order to reduce any potential risk of your beer being ruined by infection.

Two simple techniques that you can follow are:

1. Freezing

2. Heating

Which technique you choose will typically depend on the equipment/tools you have available to you.

Follow the below ‘step by step’ techniques:


Step 1

Add your selected fruit to a ziplock or vacuum sealed bag. Seal and store in freezer. 

Step 2

When you’re 12 hours from using your fruit, remove from freezer and allow to defrost/thaw.

Step 3

If using whole fruit, add to muslin bag and place directly into your fermenter.

If using purée, add directly to your primary/secondary fermenter with no muslin cloth (the solids will settle to the bottom of your fermenter when you cold condition)


Step 1

Using a vacuum seal machine, add fruit to a bag and seal.

Step 2

Heat a pot of water to 75c

Step 3

Add sealed bag to hot water and leave to soak for 10 min.

Step 4

Remove bag, allow to cool, open bag and add fruit into your fermenter.

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