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My Keg is Over-Carbonated! What do I do?

Is your beer pouring foam from your kegs?

Before you jump into complex trouble shooting, think about this…

It could be as simple as your beer being over-carbonated and nothing to do with line length / psi serving pressure etc. Especially if you have gone down the path to force co2 into your beer quickly. This fast forced process can give a wide variety of results and if you miss the mark slightly it could have a significant impact on the carbonation levels of your beer.

So before you get frustrated with not knowing what you have done wrong, here is a quick process to knock some co2 out of your beer to see if your pouring results improve.


STEP 1: Disconnect your beer and gas line from the keg and remove your keg from the fridge.

STEP 2: Using the pressure relief valve, release all the pressure from your keg

STEP 3: In an upright position, rock your keg back and forth for 30 seconds

STEP 4: Leave your keg to sit and settle for 1-2 minutes

STEP 5: Using the pressure relief valve, release all the pressure from the keg

STEP 6: Repeat steps 3 – 5

STEP 7: Set your regulator back to serving pressure and connect to keg. Connect back up your beer line. Serve.

STEP 8: If your beer is still over-carbonated, repeat steps 3 – 5 until your beer is at the appropriate carbonation levels.

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